Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Update - September 5, 2012

Allison has had another good week in the Neuroscience InPatient Unit. Because of the large gains she's made in the past while, she's been accepted into the aggressive rehab program at the Acquired Brain Injury ("ABI") Clinic (connected to the Ottawa General Hospital) and she is on a three week waiting list. Allison will be evaluated when she arrives at the Clinic and a therapy program planned for her. We visited the Clinic last week and in Marya's words it looks "hard core". 
We are expecting that Allison's bone flap / skull surgery will take place sometime this week, although it remains subject to scheduling. Allison has recently been walking up a storm - to such an extent that she has to wear an electronic bracelet so the nurses can keep track of her.  When leaving the 7th floor with Allison, we have to check in with the front desk so the alarm can be turned off when she goes by.
Allison has been playing the piano a fair amount lately. Although her playing doesn't meet her own exacting standards, it is thrilling to see her able to concentrate on something for such extended periods. 
All of this is, of course, very positive; however, there is a considerable distance to go. Allison's conversation is quite often difficult to follow, her memory is a work-in-progress, and although she is physically stronger, she has balance and stamina issues which we expect to fade with time.

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