Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Update - September 18, 2012

Allison has had yet another good week and there is a lot of good news to report. On Tuesday last week she moved from the Neuroscience InPatient Unit at the Civic Hospital Campus to the ABI Rehabilitation Centre at the General Campus.  After a short transitional period during which Allison wasn't totally convinced that the ABI Rehabilitation Centre was the right place for her (as compared to home, for example) she now seems to be quite on board with the ABI program, which typically includes several different therapy sessions in a day (Hallelujah!).

Then on the 111th day Allison actually went  home for a few hours on a day pass! She walked in as if she owned the place, stated that "It's so nice to be home," looked around a bit on the main floor, and then promptly sat in her favourite chair. She later went upstairs to enjoy the sunshine on the second floor deck. Realizing some of the furniture was out of place, she quickly re-arranged it, and returned the garden hose to its home.   One of the highlights of the day was that although for the last several weeks Allison hasn't been able to indicate where her passport was in the house, when asked her about it again on Sunday she walked over to and pulled it out of a vase in the living room. This was quite timely as the passport is needed in order to renew Allison's Ontario health card very soon.

Allison is doing very well on the speaking front after only a couple of speech therapy sessions, but there is a lot of work to be done by Allison in re-establishing her understanding of how words relate to objects and the like; however, there is no evidence of her being daunted.  We look forward to seeing the results of the music therapy, which begins this week.

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