Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Forthcoming publication -"Allison's Brain"

Allison's husband Robert McMechan has written a book called "Allison's Brain", with the final chapter contributed by Allison, to be published by FriesenPress in the fall of 2014. It details the incredible journey that Allison has had since her giant brain aneurysm diagnosis in 2011. Among other things, it contains accounts of Allison's complex brain surgery, its profoundly debilitating impact on Allison, and the ongoing steps taken for and by Allison towards her recovery. An editorial evaluation describes "Allison's Brain" as a "remarkable manuscript", and it adds that "Allison's Brain is as inspirational a memoir of recovery as you are likely to pick up." Allison and Robert will be presenting at the Canadian Brain Association of Canada's Annual Conference in Gatineau, QC on Wednesday Sept. 24, 2014.