Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Update - September 26, 2012

The past week goes down as a most memorable one in Allison's ongoing story. Every weekday she had a few hours of therapy at the ABI rehab clinic, and came home in the late afternoon for dinner, returning around 7:00 P.M. ready for bed, so she would be well-rested for more therapy sessions the following day. Plus, for the first time she had a weekend pass, subject to 24 hour supervision by family, and injections given at home. This went well, but it was not without its priceless moments.

The Sunday evening benefit concert (which Allison did not attend, as we think it would have been overwhelming for her) was successful beyond belief. Marya, with the aid of an exceptionally talented and dedicated group of friends and performers, put on what was truly an extraordinary event. With almost 400 advance tickets sold and a walk-up attendance estimated at around another 200 (with people turned away at the door) the Southminster Church was packed. And people were treated to a gem of a concert.

As a fundraiser, the event was a smashing success. Host Rob Clipperton announced at the concert that total donations and ticket sales reached $35,000. This is far beyond anyone's expectations and is a huge boost in funding for Allison's rehabilitation and related medical expenses! While the performers all deserve enormous accolades for their wonderful contributions, Doug and Pat MacDonald did a splendid rendition of the Duke and Duchess, with eloquently re-written G&S lyrics featuring Allison and her husband.  This script is available for your reading pleasure here. 

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