Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Update - August 7, 2012

Allison remains in the Neuroscience Acute Care Unit at the Civic Hospital. She had a new shunt installed on Thursday morning and her external drain was removed; however, her non-responsiveness, which began a week ago, continued on Thursday and Friday. A neuro-team visited her on Friday afternoon and said they couldn't detect any neurological (as opposed to neurosurgical) reason for Allison's downturn (beginning on Sunday July 29th).

After this period of non-responsiveness, this past Saturday brought a somewhat brighter day for Allison, which fortunately continued on Sunday.  Allison was also in quite good form at dinner this (Monday) evening, sitting up in her chair and eating on her own for the most part. She was also fairly talkative during dinner. Also, as is often the case when she isn't laid low by one thing or another, she appeared to understand pretty much everything said to her, and she also appeared to remember the events / scenes in some photos showed to her before. Deirdre was greeted warmly by name when she arrived during dinner, and it's also possible that Allison had some instructions for Bob upon his departure.

We continue to hope that Allison will not need to be in the Neuroscience Acute Care Unit much longer and that she can be moved before very long to the Neuroscience InPatient Unit, and then to Saint Vincent's where her rehab work will begin in earnest.

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