Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Update - August 21, 2012

Allison has had a good week and seems to have re-gained the ground she'd reached before her various medical setbacks. Her tolerance for noise has improved and she is now in a standard room with two roommates in the Neuroscience InPatient Unit. Having roommates has for the most part been a success.  Allison has had a variety of roommates, including a nice lady by the name of Gloria, who inquired as to whether Bob was Allison's father, and Marya her sister.

Marya has gotten valuable suggestions from a friend's sister, who is a speech therapist working in Montreal, as to how to encourage Allison's progress with language.   When Allison is alert she has become quite chatty again, and she remains possessed of determination and a positive attitude.  One example of this is when Marya told her Mother that "life is tough" in relation to a relatively minor matter, and Allison responded "I don't think so".

We continue to hope that all of the medical hurdles Allison is dealing with will soon be overcome and that she will be able to benefit before long from regular, organized occupational and speech therapy, etc. In that regard we are very appreciative of the enthusiasm being shown for Allison's benefit concert at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday September 23rd at Southminster Church in Ottawa and for the extremely generous donations to her trust fund.

We are also very grateful to those of you who have been able to visit with Allison and do your best to lift up her spirits. Music continues to be a constant companion and joy for Allison and she would be very badly off without it.

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