Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Update - August 14, 2012

The highlight of the past week is that Allison has been moved out of Acute Care back to the Neuroscience InPatient Unit. However, Allison has not recovered the enthusiasm and steam she had before her recent setbacks and we are looking for this to occur in time.

Dr. Lesiuk has mentioned that he is not certain the ventricle drainage level is correct yet, and he says there is some expert judgment involved in determining this level. His plan is to keep monitoring the size of Allison’s ventricles and he says that if the drainage level is not correct, this will affect her progress.

Several people have left splendid tributes on Allison’s Facebook site, speaking of what a wonderful music teacher she has been and how lucky they are to have had her as their teacher. When these tributes are read to Allison she is clearly moved by them and she truly appreciates what’s being written.

The donations towards Allison’s uninsured medical and rehabilitation expenses have been arriving and they are being deposited in her trust fund. We plan to put this money to very good use, when Allison is in a position to begin receiving regular speech and occupational therapy. She is now once again receiving physiotherapy, although her movement is restricted by medical machines.

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